Thursday, August 22, 2002

BrightStor Update: I ditched all of the automated backup rotations and such, and created new custom jobs for all of the servers, alternating tape groups to get dual backup tapes per server. This has so far worked, and allows for redundancy in that two separate drives and tapes will have full backups of each server in the job set.

Yesterday was Dentist Day, a simple cleaning and filling 'one little cavity'. Unfortunately I seem to have a mild allergy to novacaine... Once the numbness wears off, I am so wiped out and exhausted - for about 24 hrs I have no energy and staying awake is tough. Should be OK tomorrow. This happened the last few times I had any work done, so I kinda expected it.

I'm also trying to cut back my caffeine intake to around 200-300mg per day. This means 2x 20 oz Mt Dews and maybe 2x 12oz, and none after 6pm if possible. So far I am sleeping better after only a few days of this - no more light sleeper I! And the days of insomnia til 2am are gone, apparently.