Saturday, August 10, 2002

Wow! This morning I got home from the airport at around 6:30 am and began backing up my computer - onto dvd-ram, a separate partition on the HD I kept in the unit, and a separate drive for safety's sake. At around 11am, I tore apart the computer, stripping out all of the scsi cabling, 2940W adapter, 2 hard drives, dvd-ram unit, Syquest SyJet drive, etc. I them reconfigured the remaining parts, added the new GeForce4 Ti 4600 card, the new Toshiba W2002 dvd-ram, the new Creative Audigy Gamer sound card, the new USB 2.0 4-port PCI card, and some spiffy rounded IDE/Floppy cables.

Booted it, floppy failure. Put the old flat cable back in and it booted fine. Installed Windows 2000...

I now have it at about 90% completed - Outlook with all my email still there, Patty's account is configured as well, so now it is easier to get her email than before. The new Creative 5.1 inspire 5300 speakers simply ROCK. I am now reinstalling all of the little programs, but I think I'll take a break and put MechWarrior 4 on it... :) See you later!