Thursday, September 12, 2002 is a nice website I found that lets you register a book, get a unique ID number for it, print a nameplate for it and then leave it somewhere for someone else to read. Recycle your unneeded books! Then when someone gets that book, they see inside it the bookplate with a number and instructions for posting a journal entry on the website, and your book is tracked wherever it may go!

Yesterday was a good day, loved the Zoo, loved the play! The one bad point was a possibly broken toe that made nearly every step an interesting experience into the nether realms of pain. (Update 9/16 - no pain now! Must have been a jammed toe?) But we went all over the zoo, walked from end to end and then back again! They recently lost the second of their adult mated pair of giraffes, leaving only the young female, who is now all alone. They don't know if they will be getting more giraffes in or shipping her out to be with others to avoid her being lonely - giraffes need companionship! Hopefully they will get two transferred from somewhere else. I can't imagine our nation's zoo without any giraffes!

The play was great! Check it out online at Coffee with Richelieu. Interesting twist on history, and a very entertaining show. Affordable and a great way to spend some time some evening soon!