Saturday, September 21, 2002

I set my main system (Trotsky) to playing thru my mp3 collection for background music, disconnected the monitor, plugged it into Stalin and booted to a dos boot floppy that loads the correct scsi drivers for the CD ROM. on the CD, /dosutils/autoboot.bat worked, so I finally got Red Hat to install - woo! Three disks, all SCSI, id0 = 2gb, id2=9gb, id3=1gb, id5=cd-rom.
/home on all 2gb of /sda
/ on all 9gb of /sdb
/boot on 1st half of the 1gb drive (/sdc1)
/swap on 2nd half (/sdc2)
Installed GRUB to MBR of /sda, boot image is on /sdb1
Selected EVERYTHING - kitchen sink install, its a play machine, after all. 3.5gb, will take 2 hrs to install. Turned off monitor and went shopping.

..Time passed...

Got home, pressed the button to turn on the monitor and realized to my horror that I had MISSED and instead pressed the button about 2 inches below the monitor button - the one on the Interex Power Strip. Silence. Bad Thing. POWER ON! Maybe a 2-sec dead-zone there. Trotsky was silent, it didn't come back on by itself (but worked fine later on). Stalin was... STILL UP. It rode thru the power outage! It was asking me for Disk 2. . Fed it the CD and went away for a bit - leaving the monitor on this time. An hour or so later, and the machine ejected the CD and told me it was Ok to reboot now!

I popped the diskette out, rebooted the machine, and was greeted by

Missing Operating System

I'm going to try to reinstall tomorrow - got some tricks from the red hat site that might work. Otherwise its another install, this time putting /boot on the 2gb drive it sees as sda. We shall see. :)