Wednesday, September 18, 2002

It appears that the DNS propogation is mostly if not completely done. I can now get to my website! Email is working again! Oh Joy. 45 spams, and only 2 days downtime for them to gather.

Landscaping: The plants are planted for the most part, and the concrete gets poured tomorrow for the front walk. The flagstone walk around to the side gate is almost done as well - looks great! They are in the process of building (rebuilding/completing) the wall in the backyard, and soon will begin the process of cleaning up the old gravel beds, relining them and adding fresh gravel where needed. Once its all done I'll try and post before and after pics.

In the last several years, I have collected a fairly large collection of computer parts - I just went through and inventoried it, in case anyone out there had a morbid curiosity about my closets (Gary...). You can find it at MikeM's Parts Closet.