Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Review of 'No One Lives Forever 2' : WOW! While it is familiar to those who played the previous game, the graphics are far better, the weapons are improved, the AI is superior, and the gameplay itself is FAR better than the prior incarnation. You have more options now, you can use more items than before, and there are many ways to achieve the mission objectives, not just one linear method. Some of the new devices are hilarious - like the Angry Kitty - a robotic kitten that chases the enemy and explodes when it gets near them! The AI is smart enough to hear your footsteps if you are not quiet, and notices things like blood splashes and footprints. They actually track footprints in snow, and you can hear them working through what happened in a logical fashion if you are hidden nearby. The Demo is well worth the download, and I may even have to purchase the game!