Saturday, November 30, 2002

We had a very nice Thanksgiving at my Mother's, and have just returned home. I mentioned at dinner that I must be growing up or getting old or something, because I now like cranberries. I have always hated them, and now I love them. Weird? We had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, and then the next day after Patty and Mom did a bit o' shopping we had another dinner just like the first, and still had enough leftovers for two strapping six-footers to snack on all night. My brother and I put away quite a bit of food over the short visit, but I think now there is enough room in Mom's fridge for normal food, and not just leftover storage!

We relaxed and I watched TV and talked with my family, got some reading done while people were away shopping and whatever. Finished 'The Cabinet of Curiosities'. I think I'll concentrate on 'Hacking Exposed' for a while now.

My father and his mother were visiting his brother in Florida, and I hear that they had a great time. We had to leave earlier than planned Saturday due to some nasty weather coming north. Once we got home, I called and my brother mentioned that after we left they had blue skies and the threatening storm missed them completely. Ahhh! That is because it was chasing us north, always keeping us within a few minutes of its leading edge. We stopped once for gas, and it started raining and took 20 min of driving to put it behind us again. Then I decided to take 66 instead of 340, which may have been a better route, but plunged us right through the storm. Of course as we got within half an hour of home, no rain. Very weird weather today!

I have just uploaded new pictures, and updated the older pictures on the pictures link, to the left. New outdoors and indoor pictures where applicable, including the new yard front and back, and the new bench downstairs, and the new purple room upstairs. New as in about a year, but not represented online. I also updated my computer pictures and descriptions, including the stuff in storage. I'm still not sure what to do with all the parts. Maybe I'll begin tinkering again if I get in the mood, but for now they stay safely in the closet.