Friday, November 08, 2002

Well, yesterday I exported all of my bookmarks from Mozilla and imported them into Explorer, rearranged them the way I was used to using them in Mozilla and changed back to Explorer for my primary browser. I have been using Mozilla almost exclusively for quite a while, since the release of 1.0, actually. I like the look and feel of Mozilla better, I enjoy the tabbed browsing feature, and there are several other items that make Mozilla an easier browser to use than Explorer. Why then, have I switched back to Explorer? Compatability. Several times every day I have to open a site in Explorer simply to use the site, as there are Java/Javascript or other tools in the website that Mozilla either mangles or ignores, resulting in me staring at a mostly empty screen where there should be a complex set of pull down menus, or some other content.

I cannot work like that - I want my browser to be able to read and display correctly ALL website content. MSIE meets this requirement far better than Mozilla, unfortunately.

Now, if only I could find some way to change the font size in the links toolbar... :)