Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I made it to work - the traffic was light, the ice was mainly gone - only a few slick spots, and those mainly on side streets. The major problem with this morning's commute was WATER. With the snow and ice blocking the gutters and drains, there is standing water on almost every street. The streets on hills had running water in sheets, fairly deep. I had more hydroplaning at 30mph than icing! I was able to maintain an avg of 30-40mph with little trouble, and there were still mavericks that decided that their 4wd pickup could do 70 if only I would get out of the way!

I enjoyed watching one black truck in particular skidding sideways in 3" water because he had to swerve around me and then punched it. :) He almost lost it not more than 100' down the road - I was watching carefully and making avoidance plans.