Monday, December 23, 2002

Sunday was good - Doug came over and we talked a while, then Matt and James came over and we all piled into Matt's car for the short drive to Mike's place - where a rousing good game was had by all - details and journals will be on the web site soon, for all you role-players out there.

When I got home, Patty had been shopping again and we decided that since Xmas was to be celebrated out of town this year, we would open all of our gifts! She loved her gifts, and I loved mine - all is right with the world, and everyone is happy. Even the dogs liked their gifts! Yes, we got them xmas presents... They even opened them all by themselves.

One of my gifts was Mechwarrior 4 : Mercenaries, which I will be playing far too much in the near future, and another was a remote-control shark that I can take in the pool! It is designed for in-water use, and submerges, surfaces, turns, etc - very nice! Even the remote is designed for in-pool use, so I can chase Patty around the pool with the shark while relaxing in it myself. Summer promises to be good!

We also bought each other many many DVDs - we will be watching movies forever in an effort to catch up! Books were also a popular choice, as was my selection of items from Gordon's Jewelers. She said I chose well, and had excellent taste!