Saturday, December 21, 2002

Today was dog grooming day! We had a 1:30 appt at PetSmart to have both dogs groomed, and just got home a short while ago. It apparently takes nearly six hours to bathe and trim two dogs. We had both dogs given a 'puppy cut' instead of the normal cocker spaniel cut because it is so difficult to properly brush them out preventing matting. Perhaps we will go back to the normal cut next time, but I'm just as happy to have this shorter cut!

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They are both exhausted from their ordeal - I'm sure they are thinking up ways to get revenge on us for putting them through that.

Tomorrow, Doug is supposed to drive up to meet Patty, see the place & talk of old times, then we and the other gamers pile into a car and drive to the GM's place for the second game of the new campaign. So far it is shaping up nicely! You can find character bios and journals, if you are interested, here. I'll likely have to make some redesigns, as I need a better way to separate the journal sessions. I was going to just run them all together, but that can make it hard navigate once you get several in. Maybe a blog format or something? I dunno.