Monday, December 16, 2002

Work: May have resolved the problem backing up the w2k server - seems that if you log in as administrator, the backup fails, but if you log in with the special account that the agent creates during install, it works... Why the 2nd level tech never thought to ask who I was logging into the w2k box as, I don't know. I never thought it was a factor because logging into all the other boxes works fine as admin/root. Just a w2k thing, I suppose.

The other problem is the restore problem, which happens when the merge job fails after the backup is complete. I reconfigured all the backups to do a full once a week and then differential daily backups intead of the old system of full every day - that means FAR fewer files to index every time, which should reduce the load on the merge routine to the point where it can keep up. I hate having to dumb down the backup routine because the SOFTWARE can't handle the load.