Monday, January 06, 2003

Got to work and discovered that while most of the backups went well, the full backup friday of one of the main servers failed just after formatting the second tape. *Sigh* "E1036 Failed to write to media". The tape was in the drive, even though BrightStor claimed it had been ejected and was in the proper library slot. Ejected the tape manually, looks OK - not snapped or wrinkled up like I had expected. I'll reschedule the full backup again for tonight and test the tape later, when I have the time.

Other than that, the drive in was OK - most roads are just wet, although a little caution is always a good thing in snowy weather.

A printer that had been having engine errors (and that we recvd a replacement maintenance tray kit for) is doing it again. New kit was installed Friday, so I'll call the friendly tech support line and arrange an on-site visit ASAP. Xerox really does have the best service and online tech support I have seen in quite a while!

Update: Tech from Xerox called me 30 min after requesting an onsite visit, he was here 60 min after that and took only 30 min to get the printer working perfectly. 2 hr response time is fairly nice, and we have the standard maintenance, not special or high-end. I'm impressed!