Thursday, January 23, 2003

Inspiron - now throwing parity, NMI, and other memory errors... Not the docking station. Unplug power - HUMMM. Unplug each cable, no effect until unplug printer. Hum stops. Plug everything back in - no hum. Printer power supply shot? Touch printer cable shroud to lpt port shielding - HUM! Ah-HAH! Disconnect printer. It was old anyway (HP 840). Now the computer still gives memory errors. Swap chassis with a spare (exchange HD) - new chassis with old HD boots wonderfully, five times in a row, in the docking station.

Call Dell - swap memory? MB? They will fix it, then I will get my spare back.

Move printer to back room - need a new power supply, methinks.

Client happy - except now they have to print to the main printer, 15' away.