Friday, January 10, 2003


I'm so tired right now - I'm not sure why, I think I got enough sleep - even turned off ER instead of watching it! Cable went out last night anyway, then came back, then went out. With slanted lines fading in, then overwhelming the picture, which then went to static audio with the distorted video. If you went to any of the menu or guide screens, the audio cleared right up - so we could listen if we constantly kept hitting the guide button, but we couldn't watch. It eventually went back to normal, then would do it again for 30-60 min. Frustrating. We called for service and the earliest they can get to us is the 16th. For that level of service, we pay $60/mo? I'm taking the cable box in tonoght after work and exchanging it for another, per the tech's recommendation. If that doesn't work, we may have to miss Buffy tues night, which would be horrible.

And this with me considering getting a cable modem and getting cable internet from these jokers. Ach! $100/mo for cable TV/Internet, and this is what I am to expect? Of course, if the cable is screwy, so will the internet connection! I hope that if the cable box goes south it doesn't affect my internet connection, but I wouldn't doubt it.

I'm considering a Motorola SB4200 cable modem, over the LinkSys BEFCMU10 ver 2.
I also want to get a LinkSys BEFSX41 Firewall/Router/Switch

I was considering wireless 802.11b, but maybe I'll just bite the bullet and have the cable run to my office, even if it is $50 extra.
Maybe I can run it myself - we'll have to see.