Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Yesterday was interesting - we got a surge in Klez infected emails (all detected by a simple mcafee scan of the openmail folder (/var/mail) every 3 min...). It appears that several of them had the From field spoofed, but there is a second From field that the servers use, and that appears to be accurate - I'll try to contect some of the people just in case they were actually infected.

We also had a client infected with a porn-dialer - nasty bit o' work that. Cleaned up nicely, but what bothers me is that this variant can only be contracted by either surfing porn sites or clicking on the attachment of a porn spam. I edumacated those in the area as to the dangers and horrors of such activities, including the fact that we log all internet access. :)

One of our Inspiron 8000 units was being obstinate, throwing memory errors and resetting just after logging in. Once I popped some of the bottom panels off, checked connections, and charged it for an hour or so, all the symptoms went away. Working fine now. The healing touch, I suppose.

All of the backups worked fine. This will, I hope, be the norm from now on. The only fly in the ointment is that we still cannot backup the W2K boxes. I believe the fault lies with the BEB 10 W2K agent, but the tech guy insists that it couldn't be at fault. *sigh*

I even tested restoring to other units, and that works fine as well, as long as I don't try to restore to the new RH8.0 box. I think we have permisisons issues there, so no biggie at the moment. I'll work on that with Brian if he has time later this week. I noticed that I cannot even create folders or copy files into my home folder on that box from my windows unit. Samba looks fine, so there must be a permissions wierdness.