Saturday, February 15, 2003

Spent Friday with Patty, out on the town. Went to a nice Italian restaurant - Zios, went grocery shopping, watched an F-15 fly holding patterns over the Gaithersburg AirPark (small airport) for half an hour, at VERY low altitudes. Impressive and scary. It had both extended fuel tanks and missiles, so was loaded for long-range bear-hunting. Since they are rare at best around there, and it made no effort to land, I assume that someone was forced down at the airport after straying into the forbidden zone just south of here. Stupid people to play fast and loose with the rules while we are at code Orange.

The forecast was for 2-4 inches of snow, beginning around 5pm and lasting thru Sat morning, mixing with feezing rain and rain as the temperature rises. The snow didn't start until after midnight, and as of right now we have 3" and it shows no signs of stopping. The next phase will supposedly begin Sat night/Sun morn, where we get 8-12 additional inches of snow all day sunday. Argh.

I just shoveled the back areas for the dogs. I'll try to do it every 3" or so, so it doesn't get to be a major job. The driveway I will leave until Monday evening - I am hoping we get some major melting. I'm off Monday, and hate shoveling that driveway.