Sunday, February 09, 2003

Today was Toby's 5th birthday, so we got everyone into the car and drove to the 'Three Dog Bakery' on Elm St in Bethesda. Once there, we let the dogs sniff around the store, talk with the other dogs, and Maggie barked at every new arrival until we sprayed her in the face with the water bottle we had on hand just for that sort of thing. Toby doesn't bark at other dogs, he loves them! People, now, he occasionally has a problem with.

So, after spending nearly $50 on hand-baked custom dog treats, we returned home and gave them each some of the booty that they had been sniffing after the whole way home! I myself had only a small corner of a 'Basset Bone'. Imagine unleavened bread with a touch of peanut butter flavor, all coated in a light honey drizzle. Yum. Well, at least I like it. They also have little carob-coated heart cakes - the soft peanut-flavored cakes were good at first, but the flavor of unsweetened carob is not at all what I was expecting.
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