Thursday, February 27, 2003

Well, 4" into the snowfall, I just shoveled the back walk, the deck and steps right up to the gate, one of the three main gravel areas, and the entire front walk and driveway. WOW! A few weeks ago, this would have killed me. If nothing else, all this shoveling is getting me into shape. I did the whole driveway at once - was breathing hard and a bit overheated, but the last time I did the driveway I had to stop quite a lot. Of course, 4" is not the same as 24". :) By the way, we have still not been able to buy a new snow shovel, and the attempted repair with mass application of 'Liquid Nails' failed completely. The glue cracked as soon as I used the shovel, but the shovel seems to be at least partially solid. I suppose I won't know when it is gonna break until I hear the snap.

They are still calling for a total of 8" to 10" in our area, and I am hoping that with the 4" that has already fallen, only another 4" will fall, meaning that my shoveling job will be half of what it would have been if I hadn't just shoveled it all. I cleaned off the patio table so we should have a somewhat accurate measure come morning. The backyard has melted some during the last couple of weeks, but there is still over a foot of snow in the areas we don't get too, and over three feet where I piled the snow during all the previous shovelings.