Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Wow, nostalgia. Just found a link to a friend's website that I haven't been to in years - - Erik and I were part of a bunch of people that used to call a BBS near Boston. Yes, dialup, with a modem, to a computer in Boston running BBS software. Used to be the only way to go. Anyway, Glenn & Paula, John, Erik, Scot, Cliff, Joe, Kelly & Dave, Daniel, Bill, Mike, Tina, Andre, Mark, Brett, Terry, and a few others used to either live in the Boston area or travel there every 4th of July for The SWC Gathering - Software Creations was the BBS. Cliff is Cliff Bleszinski, famous for being part of Epic games, and Joe is Joe Siegler of Apogee fame. Glenn and Paula were usually the hosts, and along with John would do all the work finding lodging, entertainment, and places to go/see/be seen for all of us malcontents. I thoroughly enjoyed myself each and every time I was up there, even though it was a 14 hr drive!

The last trip up there that I made was around 1997, I think. Met Patty that year and spent the 4th with her, and for every year afterwards as well. Don't regret a thing! I am very happy here in Maryland, even though I changed cities & jobs in order to be with Patty. I am quite happy and very lucky, because we recently bought wedding rings. :) We don't yet have a date set, but it should be fairly soon!