Monday, February 17, 2003

Wow - they weren't off by much. Maryland is under a snow emergency, no traffic allowed on the roads except emergency vehicles. People just ignore it, but it gives the cops some teeth when dealing with people who get in trouble because they 'just HAVE to get to the store and get some donuts'.

We got a total of about 24". I don't have an accurate measure, but after we had 16" on the table, I cleaned it off, and now it looks like another 8" or more is piled on it. The glider is buried completely, we can't get any of the yard except the bit I kept shoveled. I need to break out the leafblower and see how it works in this stuff. The driveway... DOH! We have some drifting in the front yard - looks like about 2-3' piled up against the garage door. Lovely.

Today is a holiday, but tomorrow I'm supposed to be at work! Looks like today is going to be snow clearing day! I have gotten more excercise in the last 2 days from shoveling this stuff than I've gotten in a LOOOONG time. I know its probably good for me. I told Patty that if I die outside, leave me, and if I die inside, drag me outside into a snowdrift, I'll keep better. No need to stink up the house if she's stuck there for several days. :)

They are saying that it will take 36-60 hrs to get the side streets PASSABLE, much less cleared. The temperatures were in the mid-teens for most of yesterday, and last night dropped a bit. Right now it is 26, so that is good, at least.