Friday, March 14, 2003

Well, it's cold again. After almost reaching 70 yesterday, the puddles in the parking lot are frozen and the wind is biting. I fully expect one more snow before the spring.

Yesterday was spent in meetings and fighting with an Appian four-monitor video card. I suspect that the Dell GX1 and GX110 we have tried so far have bios-level issues with dual DVI video cards (single DVI handles two monitors, dual DVI handle four). Even with bios upgrades, neither box would work with the card. The gx110 actually freezes on boot when the card is installed - I think something in the detection process is killing it. We ordered more RAM, but I don't have much faith that it will make any difference. I think perhaps a newer system with a more modern bios would be a better bet. That or change to another 4-monitor card that might be more compatible.