Sunday, March 02, 2003

Yesterday at work we decided to ditch our efforts at making BrightStor work when backing up Windows 2000. Since it failed with the same message on three different W2K boxes, all dissimilar, we decided to just use Windows Backup to make a complete backup file, including System State info, on the staging server, which is backed up nightly. This works great, and takes about 45 min to back up 10gb. I am also testing the same routine on my workstation, but with full/diff rotation, and if it works, we will implement that as the backup solution for all of the W2k and perhaps NT boxes. As for BrightStor - we will be asking for a full refund for the Windows clients we paid for. Perhaps they will apply that towards the maintenance cost of the other software we have from them.

Today (Saturday) Patty and I went out to eat, almost went to a movie, then decided to go shopping instead. When we got back home we watched several episodes of Iron Chef ( we love that show) and then caught Lethal Weapon as it was starting.

Wow - it's Sunday already. Time for bed. Tomorrow (um, today) is game day, which means that hopefully I will have everyone's game journals and such updated on the RPG website by this time next week. So far we have played 5 sessions, this will be session #6. The parking situation will be fun - no street parking now with 4' piles of snow in both ditches! I think we can get everyone in the driveway, but it might be tight. I shoveled a bit more today and tomorrow morning I'll try and smooth it around the edges a bit.