Thursday, April 24, 2003

I got home last night to discover that some friends of ours in New Jersey sent us a 1 month subscription of gourmet pizzas! We got a shipment of three pizzas on dry ice yesterday - the month's supply - and promply cooked the deep dish one. Wow. It was truly fantastic - I don't know what it was about it, but it was the best pizza I have had in years, and it was just a simple cheese and sauce pizza - deep dish. The other ones are a gourmet cheese and pepperoni thin crust and a shrimp alfredo pizza. Yum!

I've been playing more Mechwarrior since Patty started her new business, as she needs more time to work on it. Right now she is busily making samples from all of the molds she just bought, and buying items for new baskets and such. What fun!

Yesterday was slow - not much happened at work other than researching and making preparations for the big move coming up in a few months.

Tuesday I reconfigured the backups to allow more time between the normal backups, the merge process, and the large bi-weekly backup of largely static data. This new arrangement allows all of the normal backups to completely merge into the database before the large backup begins, and spreads the whole process out across a weekend rather than pushing it all together on Friday evening.