Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Tonight is the new Buffy! Phone ringers will be off - this is a good one! Faith comes back to Sunnydale!

I'm still having a problem where my computer will NOT shut down. I get to a blank light blue screen, then the mouse shuts off (usb), and at that point it is hung. The drive light goes out after about 30 sec or so, and that is where it stays for as long as I want to leave it there. 4 hrs one time. I usually just turn it off, and it has only come up with a disk check required once so far.

I never get the message that it is now safe to turn off my computer - it doesn't get that far. I even went into the services and process viewer and stopped or killed every service and process possible, and even with the absolute minimum of stuff running, it will not shut down. I also re-applied SP3 for W2K, no dice.

This started when I installed the PowerChute software from APC. It disabled the UPS power drivers that come with Windows, and even uninstalling the new APC software fails to re-enable the default drivers. *sigh* It also locks up if you try to hibernate the system. Not good. I need to find a way to get the original UPS drivers re-installed, even if just to the point where the power-saving software works - I think the problem lies in that area. When I uninstall the APC stuff, it tries to reenable the default windows drivers, but they fail because I don't have a UPS attached via serial cable. Never have. The new UPS is a USB cable, not serial.