Monday, April 14, 2003

When I got home after spending all day reinstalling and reconfiguring the BrightStor database, I got to go to the Home Owners Association meeting. Oh Joy. I caught seventeen kinds of he** because the leaf pickup which was scheduled for today and tomorrow did not happen yet. Same as last Dec - they showed late and only did half the homes. This left huge piles of leaves in and near the road, which the homeowners pushed into the circles and street, where they have been since Dec - through all the snows.

The contractor who was supposed to clean all this up and pick up all the leaves today never showed, even after many promises to clean it all up and even promised to walk around the entire neighborhood and make notes of other things to clean up and correct. Nothing was done. I think if the leaves are not gone tomorrow that we will be looking for a new landscaping contractor for the HOA.