Sunday, April 20, 2003

Wow - it has been a while since I posted, eh? Well, a quick catch-up seems to be in order:

Wed: Got the car back for just over $1000. *sigh* radiator was cracked along the seam. The serpentine belt was also cracked and fraying. 120k tune-up and oil change. Seems that I had been running with almost no water and low on oil for 2 weeks or so. :) Saturn makes tough engines.

Thur & Fri : Patty selling Easter items at a local Bowling Alley - bunny/duck/etc and custom-made baskets for Easter - she made over $300 in two evenings!

Sat : Went shopping a bit with Patty - got some sale items at Michaels. Went out to the movies and saw "Bulletproof Monk". Not bad - good fight scenes, but the plot was kinda thin and the logic nonexistent. If you have a scroll that confers absolute power over any who read it, wouldn't it make more sense to destroy it rather than to protect it for hundreds of years while constantly fighting off the powers of evil who all somehow know about it? Then we got home and watched "Princess Mononoke" DVD. I really enjoyed it - great animation and decent storyline.

Today : Happy Easter everyone! No plans today - rest, relaxation, and possibly eating a wee bit. :)