Monday, May 05, 2003

Friday - Went to a new office site - we will be moving the office to this new site within 3-4 months, assuming that construction remains on schedule. Should be an excellent site, and we are making cabling and furniture decisions now.

At home that night, I burned six Red Hat 9.0 CDs from the ISOs I brought home thursday evening, and began the install on the Dell box (Rasputin). Once the install finished, I played around a bit. The new KVM switch is awesome, and the screen graphics are once more crisp and beautiful. I was able to switch to the Dell, watch the install, then switch back to my main system and watch the CD burning process. Nice! The Dell is not on a network right now, so none of that stuff is configured, but I was surprised that the install never asked me for a computer name. Maybe that doesn't apply on a DHCP system? Which reminds me, I do wish there was an option for NON-NETWORKED as well as DHCP and Fixed IP. It takes it an extra 45-60 seconds to boot while the network detection times out during boot. Minor, but annoying. I'm eventually going to update the website regarding Rasputin and the main unit, Trotsky. Stalin is still in the closet - might bring it out and try to get Red Hat installed on it as well. Then maybe I can sell it. :)