Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A lot has happened - let's get to it!

Friday evening my new Zaurus SL-5500 showed up - I installed the 256mb CF card and it saw it just fine! I tinkered with the unit a bit and then had to put it away.

Saturday bright and early we drove to Roanoke to see my mother and father, and spend some time with my grandmas as well! Dad's mother wasn't feeling too well, apparently she had pulled a muscle in her back while mowing the yard. We wished her well and left with Dad, intending on going out to eat. Then we called Mom to see what the plan was, and she had made arrangements to have burgers and BBQ (as well as a big BBQ planned for Sunday). We left Dad's after a bit and dropped in on my cousin Kerri - she just graduated from Va Tech and got a job right out of school! We are very proud of her! Returning to Mom's, we dropped in on the next door neighbor who was having a birthday party for his wife and invited us all over - so we had BBQ pork and excellent mac & cheese, as well as german chocolate brownies and many other good eats.

Sunday we slept late and began preparations for the BBQ that day - my brother Greg (an excellent cook) prepared a huge meal of chicken and ribs, which we dented considerably. Unfortunately, we had to leave fairly soon after eating, so we missed my other uncle and his family. We got home around 8pm, unpacked, and went to bed after a game of cards which I lost badly.

More later! BUFFY IS ON!