Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Sunday we watched Matrix - the original one - and then Monday we saw Matrix 2. I was impressed - very good plot and pacing, with good performances all around. I was a little put off by Morpheus' new 'evangelist' persona, however. This plot meshes nicely with the first movie, and moves the story along at a nice clip. The ending is cliffhangerish, but not to the point where people will howl for blood.

I have heard reviewers say that they didn't understand it at all - and to this all I can say is that the reviewers must not have seen the first one, and must not have been paying attention. The second movie makes perfect sense - the plot points are great, and build on the first one. If you are a computer geek/nerd type, you will understand subtle points that I can't go into here, but if you are not, ask your geek friends what they believe Agent Smith to have turned into.

Oh, watch ALL of the credits, there is a pretty decent teaser for the next Matrix movie at the very end of the reel.