Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Well, yesterday was my birthday - had a happy one! Patty sent me a card online, and made me several nice items in dark chocolate - including some chocolate corn pops clusters. YUM! For my birthday present, I bought myself (with full permission) a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 from Ebay for $196.50 shipped, as well as a 256mb memory card for $48 and a nice tri-fold leather case for $16. Not too bad for an item that alone retails for nearly $400! I should have it sometime next week, if everything goes well.

Last night I played Deus Ex until after midnight, then realized that I had neglected to pay the bills. So after paying all the bills, I got into bed around 1am. 5:40 wakeup call. *snore* Deus Ex is three times the game that Unreal II is. So far I have played for over 40 hours - Unreal II took only 12 total! I have found some linear aspects to Deus Ex, but for the most part you are able to choose between many alternate routes or methods of achieving the mission goal. You can choose to be ruthless or kind, brazen or sneaky, etc. One note for all you god-mode players, when you save the game and exit, you have to re-enable cheats when you reload. Also, god mode gets turned off. A lot. During the game, after loading a new section, check. At each new mission - you better check. I have died several times because god mode turned off when loading new sections - usually it stays on, but they are sneaky and reset it just before big fights.