Thursday, June 19, 2003

Feeling better, but still have the last remnants of vertigo and nausea. Wonderful day - couldn't use the computer because it made me dizzier. Couldn't sit in the living room because the sunlight flashing thru the spinning ceiling fan made a wonderful strobe effect that made me nauseous, and lying down made it better in the short term, until the room started spinning. *sigh*. I eventually settled for sleeping - once I got to sleep, I wasn't dizzy.

I felt a bit better around 10, but still couldn't do much, but by then the clouds had moved in and blocked the sun so I could sit and read with the TV on the cable "electronica" music channel. Wonderful background music. I am nearly done with Linux Server Hacks, even after reading several sections over and over because I kept nodding off.

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow - have much planning and research to do at work - the grapevine has it that we are moving to the new site beginning this time next month. The new building is great, modern wiring and such, but there is a LOT of network planning and such to do.