Saturday, June 14, 2003

Friday I managed to get the preliminaries done on creating a custom bootable knoppix CD - we need a nearly-full version of linux that understands pcmcia scsi cards - tomsrtbt does not, apparently - so I used the back-end partition of my w2k work computer, reformatting it under ext2 in knoppix, setting up a 1gb swapfile, etc. That left 6gb to expand, customize, and re-create the ISO for the knoppix CD. Monday I will finish it off.

We needed it to have a one-CD solution for restoring a Data General system drive if needed. The microcode is 'fragile', in that no normal backup routine will get it right, so we use DD and gzip it from 520mb to about 65mb. That fits nicely on the Knoppix CD once I remove openoffice. :)

The main help site for customizing Knoppix is here, and another one that was very helpful is here.