Monday, June 23, 2003

Saturday - Dave & Buster's - got a rack of ribs, enjoyed spending the evening with Patty!

Sunday - saw the Hulk. I'll try not to spoil anything for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Wait for the DVD.

With any luck, they will have an alternative version released along with the full version, they could call it "The Hulk:Green Time", because the only parts of this movie that are interesting, much less exciting, are the times when he is green. The rest of the movie could be cut with no real loss to the story.

Talk about slow, plodding, dull, boring, poorly scripted, poorly acted, etc etc etc - the script and acting get a D- or an F+. The first half of the movie is throw-away - not even enough to hold my attention, and I really wanted to enjoy this movie. The script is contrived and illogical, not even as rational as the other superhero movies were - X-men, Spider-man, and yes, even the older ones like Captain America and The Punisher (being re-made for some reason...).

The editing was horrible, with split screen and picture-in-picture effects so overused it gave the impression that the film-maker just learned how to do that, and wanted to use those techniques as often as possible to show off how ingenious he was. Distracting, and with this movie, any distraction could be fatal.

Now, the good parts! The Green Parts. When Banner is green, the movie rocks - great effects! Not exactly realistic, but VERY close. The combat scenes were well-done, and even if some of the bad guys were abysmally stupid, the fight scenes were still riveting. Stupid, you ask? OK - without a spoiler how can I put this... OK - you fight a guy, he turns huge and green and throws you through a wall before stomping you through a railing and offhandedly kicking you against a fence. You end up with multiple broken bones and can barely walk with many casts and slings and such.

Then you try to make him angry so that he will turn green again? Alone. Locked into a vault. With him. They guy who already hates you. Stupid, see?

Anyway, the effects and green parts get a B+, for an overall score of maybe a C-. The green parts would make a good DVD - maybe about 20 min total, but still worth renting. The rest of the movie? Well, if you like Sarah from the Labyrinth, you will enjoy seeing Jennifer Connelly act again. I could just see her in several scenes telling Ludo that she was his friend. :)