Thursday, June 05, 2003

The test of the full backup went well yesterday - I watched the switch port that the w2k server was on, and at the moment the backup began, the error rate jumped from none to 5+, and varied from 3-10 throughout the duration. No other server caused any errors that I could see. Perhaps next Wed I'll watch again with more monitors active, but I think we have a bad BEB client - causing errors. When I use the MS Backup to copy the 7 gb backup file to another server, no errors at all. Only the BEB backup generates the errors, and only with the W2K server. *sigh* We'll have to watch it closely.

Tonight Patty and I go to a play at the Olney Theatre - Noel Coward's 'Private Lives' - and the 5th Stanley Cup Final game is tonight...VHS to the rescue!

The pool is getting cleaner - I installed the cleaning-bot and started it up, but since I have to empty the bag and line filter every hour or so, I don't have it running right now. Perhaps in a week or so we can actually swim? (BTW - we nicknamed the cleaner-bot 'Felix', after the Odd Couple - because he keeps everything clean...) Maggie knows that name, and if we ask her "Where's Felix?" she runs to the window/door and barks excitedly. She loves to run and chase Felix around the pool, and bites at his tail when it pops up over the edge occasionally. (Scrub-brush tail to scrub the sides and bottom, as well as move the debris around a bit to make it easier to pick up on the next pass). Funny to watch her doing laps around the edge of the pool, especially when she oversteers and slips in. :) She is a great swimmer, and knows to go to the steps to get out, but we still don't let her play with Felix if we aren't out there. Doting parents, that's us!

Played a little Mechwarrior 4 last night - got trounced, so I switched mechs, then got trounced again. *sigh* I enjoy it anyway. :)