Monday, June 09, 2003

Well, tonight is the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals! New Jersey Devils vs Anaheim Mighty Ducks, both teams have won 3 games out of the 7 game series.

At work today I tinkered with using Tom's Root Boot diskette to do a dd backup from a Windows NT box to a shared folder on a linux server on the network. Worked just fine once I worked the kinks out of the exports file. That and actually used the correct path to mount the volume. *grin*

One problem - if the partition is over 2gb, it won't work. *sigh* Tomorrow, I'll work with Scott on using nc (netcat) to assist the dd transfer. I understand that this might overcome the 2gb limit on nfs mounts. I also need to get some form of compression inline, to avoid having to gzip or bzip2 all of the backup files once they are in place on the network server. This is all an alternative to using Ghost - which works nicely, but not over the network without a lot of hassle.