Sunday, July 20, 2003

Saturday morning Patty and I left for Jersey, spent the night there at her mother's, and brought her back with us for a week! Should make for a nice vacation for her and some family time for us. I have Friday off so that we can drive her back home Friday evening and get back home sometime Saturday.

We finally got the fiber link working, and fully tested across the actual distance, 7 miles. The self-healing redundant fiber cards work fine, we were just having problems with bad jumper cables, wrong ends, and incompatible hardware. Fiber should be easier than this - you would think that something so fundamentally simple should be easy to get working. The multitude of standards make it difficult to get even a simple link working.

Ah well, it seems to be OK now.

And just in time, as we got word a few days ago that we need to be completely moved out of out old office space and into our new building by the 15th of Aug. Gonna be some fun at work for a few weeks!