Thursday, July 03, 2003

Tuesday - AC seemed to be OK - I had been checking it often last night... Got home today and it had frozen again, but luckily it wasn't so hot outside.

Wednesday - Changed the thermostat to not come on until 75, was 73 before, this seems to help the freezing situation. Again, not a hot day, so no real problems.

Thursday - calling for more rain and storms - might be outside digging an impromptu ditch if we get too much rain. :(

Last night I watched 'Commando' - great flick, even though the logistics of one man taking on over 100 well-armed revolutionaries is a bit contrived... Arnie is sneaking around the base planting claymores - then when he detonates them, entire barracks buildings explode in huge fireballs and even the tops of the sentry towers explode. Hmmmm...

Still, a fun movie.

Finished reading "Donovan's Brain" - a sci-fi book from the 50s. Good book - I first read it in 4th grade, and enjoyed it then as well.

Still working on 'Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson - and after that I'll likely get back into the technical books that I have accumulated over the last few weeks.

We are just starting on the third season of Buffy, Faith just made her appearance and is charming everyone she meets. :) Willow is experimenting with her witchly powers, and Xander and Cordelia are still dating. Willow and Oz as well. Xander and Oz - is it just me or do people in Sunnydale name their kids wierd things?