Friday, July 25, 2003

Yesterday I completely configured the last two dual Xeon workstations (from ghost images). My best time was just under 30 min! Then the rest of the day was spent installing/configuring a Dell D800 Latitude from base. I still have a few things to install, but I have the basic stuff done. All that is left is to find out what other software the users need, licensing and such, and try to come up with one or two basic configs, and we can customize them from there once we ghost the new units with the basic images.

Today I have the day off, and we will be taking Patty's mom back home again. She enjoyed her trip to Maryland, but I'm sure she misses her home. Last night we started watching Jurassic Park III, but stopped it near the beginning and put in II instead. JR II is just a better movie, I think. :)