Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Yesterday we watched "Shanghai Knights" - the Jackie Chan / Owen Wilson buddy-flick set way back in western days. This was a great movie - lots of action, lots of cameos of historically famous people and tangents to many other works of fiction and factual events. Like Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, and Charlie Chaplin.

I really enjoyed this movie - laughed all the way through it!

At work, I'm working on taking a generic install, ghosting it, then restoring it to several identical computers and customizing each one for the future owner. One thing we are testing out is the theory that if you install everything as one user with admin rights, for instance OWNER, then once you change the name OWNER to MIKE or whatever, and change the permissions down to Power User, then you may still run everything that was installed and configured as OWNER. It keeps the settings and permissions, as well as the icons and start list entries. So far so good! I'll know for sure sometime soon, as I'm working on the restore process right now.