Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Still preparing to move all the servers and such. Looks like we start Thursday instead of Saturday. This is likely a Good Thing, as it might actually mean we won't have to move things this weekend, or at least not as long this weekend.

Oh yeah, this DCOM RPC worm that is blasting around the net messing things up...

If you have a connection to the internet, even a modem, you had better patch your system. Regardless of what people might have told you, PATCH YOUR SYSTEM. All the way. Whatever Microsoft says you need, PATCH IT. This applies to all of the security patches, critical patches, service packs, and such. The W2K patches are usually a good idea as well. The only W2K patch I haven't applied is the one that installs .NET on your system. I don't see a need for that one.

Of course, if you don't run Windows, disregard. But I see that Red Hat has just released a raft of patches and new downloads for RH9, so MS isn't the only company running around patching holes.

Anyway, back to this RPC worm - this is a bad one, it does not require any email or other user intervention, it literally can take over your box without you doing anything at all. If it is connected to the internet, and vulnerable to the worm (meaning you haven't put the MS patches on it), then it automatically takes control of your computer and loads several bad things on it, then uses it to attack other people as well as launches an attack on Microsoft in an attempt to keep other people from patching their machines. Once your machine is infected with this thing, it configures itself to load automatically on boot, then reboots itself to take complete control. You would either notice that your box had rebooted, or perhaps if you were sitting in front of it when you got hacked, you would see a window pop up announcing that your machine would reboot in 60 sec.

By the way, if you see this, disconnect from the internet and seek professional help immediately.

Other than these problems, I'm having an OK day! The new site looks good, the networking and cabling looks good, and everyone has furniture except me.