Saturday, August 23, 2003

We just got internet access back, and wow - what a journey. Luckily these last two guys were on the ball - got me all figured out, even if they went through a lot of hoops.

From the top : 7:30pm 8/20 (Wed) we lost internet access. No server connection, no net. Called, they said they would send a tech out the next day. When asked for a range - they said between 9am and 8pm. Lovely. House arrest for Patty. Of course, at 8:15 sharp a technician arrived, tested the line at the cable modem. very very low signal. Traced it back through the house to the outside line, also low signal. But since it was good at the street, she assumed it would be fixed by a new line from street to house. And promised to be back early in the morning and have the new line run by noon if only I would sign this paper 'here' and 'here'. Stupid me signed it.

Friday passed. No tech. We called Friday evening, were promised that a supervisor would call back. No call.

Saturday am - around 9am - I call, explain this to their call center, and get told that Monday evening would be the first appt - I went nuclear on her, explained all about promises and lack of service and how they aren't the only cable and internet sources in town. (They damn near are, though) She promised a tech would be here by 8pm.


We wait - house arrest once more.

7:59 pm - Knock Knock.

These guys listen while I explain the problem, then without any more testing run a temp line across the yard. Test the line, GOOD. Hook it up, no net. Test the line at the modem, dead. Hmmm... Test the line in the closet - dead. Outside, test the new line again - GOOD. Must be the line through the house. New hole, take 2 weeks.

AIII! I asked them very nicely to check the output side of the new 'Y' splitter the previous tech had installed. Hmmm... The tech tells me I am an official 'Cable Guy'. The 'Y' is bad.

They swap the splitter, I have cable now! Of course, the line drops when I check email for some reason. Sheesh. I hope its just the dhcp server doing its thing after being screwed up for so long.

So, since they cut the existing line up when they dropped the new line, we get to wait a week or so for the line-install crew to come by and put in the underground line from the street to the house, and we need to leave the back gate open when they come... Sheesh. I hope they call first.

At least we have internet again. Mostly.