Saturday, August 09, 2003

Yesterday at work was a milestone day - we wired up most of the patch panel to the new switches, got the fiber links working between sections, and got a good link between an office network plug at the new building to the old network in the old building! Very nice!

Today was a good day as well, we went out to Baja Fresh for lunch, then went by the new office where I gave Patty the grand tour. After that we went home, let the dogs out for a bit, then left again and went to Borders to get some light shopping done (I got the Styx Greatest Hits CD I wanted) and then home again. We swam some, then went out yet again for chinese. Just got home and I think we will be watching "The Bourne Identity" and then getting off to bed.

Tomorrow is a gaming weekend, the third in as many weeks, so today was Patty's Day. (Although I enjoyed myself as well!)

It looks like due to scheduling difficulties there may not be any gaming over the next three weekends, so this works out well. ;)

Next weekend I work all weekend, that is the 'move the servers' weekend at work, and I think I'll be there all weekend.
The one after that one of the other players in the gaming group has plans, and the one after that I have family coming in to spend the long weekend with us! We are so happy to have my mother, brother, and his son here! I only wish they could stay longer. :(