Thursday, August 21, 2003

Yesterday went well - so far everything is coming together nicely! We are working on various schemes to get more of the custom functionalities that we had at the old site moved to the new site, and so far I think we have arrived at a good plan. The new backup routines worked nicely, and I managed to get ghost images of the two main units today, so I can clone more of them as needed and have them implemented with only IP and system name changes!

Last night we watched 'A Muppet Christmas Carol' - an old favorite of ours, always guaranteed to be good. Michael Caine as Scrooge - nice job!

Tomorrow we close on our refinance - house value went up enough so that we can pull money out to pay off the equity loan! That will save us enough money each month that perhaps I can trade in my '95 Saturn SC2 and get a new car. I'm looking at a VW Passat Wagon - GLX with full time 4WD, but we shall see. I just started looking, so anything could happen.