Tuesday, September 02, 2003

It has been quite a while since I have been able to make an entry here. Quick synopsis:

Thursday - Best Buy exchanged the modem, no problems. What a great retailer. :) No comcast cable OR internet yet. Started playing a new game "Syberia", recommended by Brian. So far it is pretty good, in the nature of Myst but not as difficult for the most part. Also the graphics and sound are stunning.

Friday - New modem hooked up, called Comcast with new MAC, they said it would take a few hours. WHAT? Since when? Last time it took a few seconds - they put in the mac, sent a signal, and I had internet. Something fishy going on here. Still no internet, although cable came back partially. Fuzzy on all channels, and the digital ones aren't coming in at all. Weak signal is my guess.

Saturday - called Comcast again - the soonest a tech can get to us is THURSDAY. Oh geez. Still no internet, partial cable (fuzzy) and no help til thursday.
On the bright side - watched Chicago and Two Towers! GREAT MOVIES! We watched all the extras on the Two Towers DVD and played 'Gollum's Song Video' three or four times.

Sunday - Tried Comcast again, perhaps a nearer date? Nope. Thursday. Played Syberia a bit more. Stuck on the mammoth picture. *sigh* This is why I prefer fisrt person shooters. You can usually shoot your way out of any problem. ;) Watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - great movie!

Monday - HOLIDAY! WOO! Called comcast again, I'm sure they are tired of me, but no nearer date than Thursday. Watched Star Trek: Nemesis and "Die another Day" (Bond). *sigh* The Trek flick was OK for the fans, but no substance for anyone else. Boring. The Enterprise is still the Wuss-Ship of the universe, getting bitch-slapped around the Neutral Zone. Wah Wah. Wesley Crusher had about 2 seconds at the very beginning of the movie, he was part of a background wide angle shot, no dialogue at all. Fitting.
Overall, I'm glad this one was a freebie. ;) Bond - blah blah - Suspension of disbelief is not enough for this movie - so many improbable and impossible things happened and were done that I started the joke that whenever anyone did something impossible, they were an 'expert'. Like when Bond shaves and cuts his hair himself and does an impeccable salon-style job, he must be an 'expert hair-cutter', and when Jinx comes out of the ocean, shakes once, and is completely dry, even her hair is perfect, she must be an 'expert air-dryer'. Even in a military prison, tortured daily for over a year, his new growth of beard and mustache is immaculate and perfectly trimmed. His unruly hair is clean and free of tangles. Sheesh. The whole thing is silly, and makes for a wasted two hours. If you have seen any other Bond movie, it is pretty much the same plot, churned about a bit, with new angles, but nothing worth watching. Oh yeah, one of the villains has diamonds embedded in his face from an explosion, and modern medical science that can use DNA therapy to make one person look exactly like another can't seem to extract them. Sheesh.