Thursday, September 04, 2003

Tuesday night Patty and I made dinner - a recipie loosely based on one I found in the WWF Cookbook (Undertaker's Tetrazinni). When we make this, we usually use half-measures so we don't make too much, and this time I decided to go for broke. We used over a pound of pasta, nearly a pound of chopped smoked chicken breast, a jar of prego, a can of italian style stewed tomatoes, a large onion, 4 carrots, etc etc etc.

We ate well Tuesday night!
We ate well last night as well.
We barely dented it. There is still enough for tonight, and perhaps tomorrow night!

So we probably won't make the full measure again. Would feed 8 or 10 people, easily. The Undertaker said "Feeds 4". Right. *grin*