Monday, October 20, 2003

I found out what happens in AD&D 3.5 when a Giant Octopus and a stunned Bard tangle. Bits & pieces of the bard go flying in all directions as he is shredded by the incredibly devastating attacks that eight arms can do. New character! Dwarf Wizard. ;)

I also tried to ressurect my old project of getting Red Hat 9.0 installed on several older IDE drives I had lying around. I took the Dell 500SC with the 80gb drive, removed the drive (I'll be putting it in my main computer soon as a mirrored drive), and installed an 8gb IDE, a 2gb IDE, and a 340mb IDE. I figured this would give me a decent /, /usr, and swap partition for Red Hat 9.0.

The 340 failed on boot - the bios hung on it. Disconnected it, rebooted. The 2gb failed the Red Hat error check. Disconnected it. Then the 8gb failed as well. *sigh*

This marks the second time that these three drives have failed - in different chassis with different cables. I think the drives can safely be discarded as trash. Sad. Luckily I have an old 9gb and 2gb SCSI drive, as well as a AHA-2940W scsi card that used to drive them! I'll likely play with that configuration at some point this week if I have any time.

I need to clean out my junk closet - there is no room for a guest's clothes and such in the guest room closet - I have taken it over with all my tech junk. I have an old full tower with a P240MMX and 128mb RAM - no HD, 6x CD-ROM, Matrox Millennium 4mb video card, etc. Might end up giving it away or throwing it away. The tower case isn't worth that much - old 250w power supply. I hate throwing things away, but sometimes the value is so low that shipping costs more than anyone would be willing to pay for it. I may just toss it into the attic. If we ever move, it would convey. ;)