Friday, November 21, 2003

Last night I tried to install a sound card into Rasputin - the 500SC Dell server. The sound card was a SoundBlaster AWE 64 Gold - a great card of its day. ISA. The 500SC server has 5 PCI slots, 2 of them PCI-X. *sigh* None of them ISA. Ah well - The SoundBlaster LIVE PCI card is around $15 now. The 500sc also does not have an AGP slot. Thus my GeForce 64 card goes on a shelf. The on-board isn't bad (ATI Rage XL 4mb), but I had hoped to step it up a bit. Oh well. The PC manufacturers are making it harder and harder to use older hardware, just like the software manufacturers are making it harder to use older software. (Xtree Gold, Qfiler, PcBoss, etc - all great file-control programs, useless with today's file systems).