Tuesday, November 11, 2003

We saw Matrix: Revolutions over the weekend, and it was FAR better than the reviewers claim. I sometimes think the reviewers get kickbacks from the businesses that compete with theaters. The movie was a great finale to the trilogy, and while it leaves it open for a fourth movie, there doesn't have to be - everything was neatly wrapped up at the end. Now then, that said, if you bring a 3yd-old to the theater and refuse to take him out when he is screaming and crying, please remove yourself from the gene pool. There is no excuse for that sort of behavior - if the movie is too intense for a child, then you will just have to miss it because your poor judgement is inflicting mental trauma on the kid. *phew* that's out of the way. Silly parents, Matrix 3 IS NOT for kids. Then again, we saw parents with 3-4 yr olds in "Kill Bill: Vol 1". Some people just have no clue.

I have been cloning a Sun system - making four where there was only one before. Once the first unit was ready, I used ufsdump to make images of the four partitions, then added a drive, partitioned it to match, and used ufsrestore to put the data on the new disk. This worked flawlessly twice, and I had three good systems. The last one proved to be my bane, and when we booted it, it immediately corrupted the drive and trashed itself. Nice. I re-did the restore, and tried again. Same story. Third time, I checked the partition info just as an aside, and noticed I had overlapped some cylinders with the swap space and the /var partition. OOPS. Thus, every time it booted to the point of initializing swap, it wrote over the first bit of /var, and thus lost superblocks and such. Not good. I fixed the partitions, re-generated the file system for /var and swap, and re-loaded the var data - then all was well! Now witness the power of four fully-operational SUN stations!