Monday, December 01, 2003

Gentle readers, I present a story about yet another big name company that is pushing around the little guys, claiming trademark on someone else's work, and generally being unpleasant. The Linux Gazette is a great little monthly magazine that started up several years ago. They eventually began working with SSC, who publish the Linux Journal, among other things, and the LG folks were happy for a few years being hosted by SSC.

Recently, SSC decided to implement a major change in Linux Gazette, and converted the monthly magazine to yet another public forum, like Slashdot or wiki. They did this pre-emptively and without getting permission or input from the owners and editors or Linux Gazette, who were somewhat upset, to put it mildly. The owners moved their content more or less intact to another website, the one mentioned above - the Linux Gazette.

Here is the simplified version from the editors themselves.

More information on this travesty can be found at :

The publisher's comments
Replies to the publisher's comments
Forum: Anyone prefer the old site?
Forum: New Site

As a result of this issue, I have CANCELLED my subscription to Linux Journal, and no longer subscribe to any SSC publications. I urge all of you that currently get Linux Journal to cancel as well, if you feel as I do.